Red Sweater Films

Is a small production company based in New Orleans, La.  We specialize in doing a lot with a little. For over three years we have gathered a group of local actors, directors, and cinematographers looking to grow in their craft. This community of artists produces high quality features with low-cost budgets.


We believe that society is held accountable, in part, by its art. Film allows us to explore and comment on our culture and share the results of our work with an extremely broad audience. An artist’s work should tell us about the society we live in, inspire us to understand it, enjoy it, and reform us.

Help us do more:

Please enjoy our films and if you like what you see, help us make more. You can contribute by: following us on Facebook, following us on YouTube, and best of all you can join our funding campaigns. You can learn more about our current campaign “If You Can’t Fly, Then Run” by clicking the link below.

The Gunman

Click here to learn more about “If You Can’t Fly Then Run”

Coming Summer 2016




Voiced Over Poster

To watch our latest short film “Voiced Over” click on the link below.

NOW PLAYING: Voiced Over

Directed by: David Kirtland    Starring: Alex Palmerlee, Blake Palmintier, Shanna Burris, Christine Tonry, David Cole, Rachel Whitman-Groves, Deuce Tonry, Carmen Tonry, and Kim Baptiste.     Written by: Alex Palmerlee