Current Productions

If You Can’t Fly Then Run: (Funding and Pre-Production)

The Gunman

Learn more about “If You Can’t Fly Then Run” by clicking here.

Directed by: Ian Campell  Written by Alex Palmerlee Director of Photography: Nick Ramey

A group of young men seeking to improve their means find themselves trespassing through a dark forest with a stolen gun. They keep their fire low in hopes they can rest until morning and continue toward home. If they can make it through the night unseen, there is hope for a richer life.

Our film poses a question about the point in our society where guns, poverty, and power intersect. The project provides a hypothetical scenario in a hypothetical future.

The Mayor’s Office: (Funding)

Mayor's Office Day 1

Watch the ‘proof of concept’ video by clicking here.

Director: David Kirtland Written by: Alex Palmerlee Director of Photography: Nick Ramey

The Mayor’s Office uses comedy to delve into the role of government–a much-debated topic in today’s society. To play with the good and the bad sides of government, we match the savvy political commentary of shows such as The West Wing with the witty comedy of Scrubs or The Office.

Our initial goal will be to raise $4,000 for a TV pilot episode.

Zensorship: (ADR and Post-production)

Directed by: David Kirtland     Starring: Christine Tonry, Alex Palmerlee, and David Cole

Written by: Alex Palmerlee  Director of Photography: Jakob Scott

After the 2014 showdown of North Korea vs. Sony Pictures the Chalmette Movie Theater put a call out for a censorship-themed film festival.  Alex Palmerlee wrote a piece dealing with couples censoring each other and our production team went quickly to work.  Filmed at CoNola restaurant in New Orleans, La the piece was shot in a day with many talented local actors.